Timber Framed Log Home

Using milled dimensional sized Timber as required by the engineering.A combination of mortise and tenon joinery , as well as hidden fasteners to produce a structurally sound frame work

Timber framing Dimensional

With square timber you can achieve a little more of a modern look. While still showing the warmth of the wood.It can be a full timber framed home or some timber accents for your conventional home.Front entrances ,Trusses, post and beams.

Timber framing round log

This timber framing method can also be achieved with round logs, which lately we have been incorporating into many standard conventional homes.Also can be accomplished as a full frame or log accents.With this method we are able to incorporate unique natural pieces like root flares, curved and crouch pieces.We tend to call this "tree art".This method or style would still give you the look of a conventional home with rustic log appeal too.

  • Size: 600 - 5000 sq. feet
  • Wood Type: Eastern White Pine
  • Lead Time: 3-6 months
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