Decorative Log & Timber Accents

Moreau Log & Timber

Did you know the home above was framed or decorated with log accents after it was built? We're not kidding! Many clients are surprised to hear that we can take a traditionally built home or cottage and enhance the look of it with decorative log & timber accents.

Whether your home or cottage is already built or in the planning stages, Moreau Log & Timber can work with you and/or your contractor to introduce log features within the design of your home. These design elements can be added inside or outside.

Interior Decorative Log Accents

  • Ceiling Log Beams
  • Ceiling Trusses
  • Fireplace Mantles & Shelves
  • Wood Countertops
  • Support Posts

Exterior Decorative Log Accents

  • Deck Posts
  • Roof Trusses & Gables
  • Underdeck rafters
  • Corner Posts
  • Log Siding

Depending on your specific project, decorative log & timber accents can be structural as well such as posts, trusses and beams. With 34years of experience under our belts, you can rest assured your project will be built with quality, precision and will last for decades to come.